Liberty Futon Mattress

7.5 inch futon features: 2 Layers Medium Density Fibre-Foam, Surrounded by 3 Layers of Cotton Batting. Conforms to California Code 603 safety regulations The resilient medium density Fiber-foam, surrounded by layers of cotton batting, combine to provide long lasting comfort while maintaining flexibility - all at a fantastic price! This futon is Affordable, Environmentally friendly and Made in USA - Truly an Exceptional Value!

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Our Liberty cotton fiber-foam futon is the futon mattress for you if you need something that is comfortable and flexible, yet still affordable. The reason we can achieve all three of these characteristics is two-fold. First, the cotton batting is made from cotton fibers. But most importantly, it is the unique nature of the fiber-foam core used in this futon mattress that adds so much value. Nearly all futons, mattresses and cushions use some type of petroleum-based, urethane foam. Instead of using toxic urethane foams, our 8 Inch Liberty futon uses Fiber-foam in its construction.

Fiber-Foam is far more resilient and flexible, as well as longer lasting than traditional urethane foams. It won't break down over time like toxic, urethane-based foams eventually do. Fiber-foam, originally invented in Europe, is a uniquely blended foam product that was created in response to the general dissatisfaction of many Europeans that slept on urethane foams. As a further benefit, not only is the manufacturing process much more environmentally friendly.

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1. Jed on 6/21/2019, said:  

The Twin Futon is exactly what i needed, nice and thick. Thanks

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