Infinity Futon Mattress

Infinity 8 inch Cotton / Fibre-Foam futon uses state-of-the-art, highly resilient Fiber-Foam instead of the more toxic urethane foams and the result is a healthier futon mattress that is both durable and affordable. 3 Layers 2.8 Density Airlay Fiber-Foam cores. Multiple layers of natural cotton batting. Durable 7 oz. cotton casing. Tufted to keep it's shape. Meets California code 603 fire safety requirements.

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Unlike conventional futon mattresses Infinity futon has a patented Airlay fiber-foam core which helps the futon spring back to life and retain its shape without using costly polyurethane foam. This newly developed product is made with a blend of cotton, polyester and low-melt fibers thermally bonded to produce a density of 2.8 lbs with longevity twice that of standard foam. Fiber-Foam is far more resilient and flexible, as well as longer lasting than traditional urethane foams. It won't break down over time like toxic, urethane-based foams eventually do.

The resilient medium density Fiber-Foam, surrounded by layers of cotton batting, combine to provide long lasting comfort while maintaining flexibility - all at a fantastic price! The fiber-foam core is wrapped in multiple layers of long fiber cotton batting which gives the futon a soft natural feel. The cotton contains a small amount of non-toxic substance (boric acid) as a fire retardant, complying with California's strict safety requirements. Casing is made of 7 oz natural white cotton duck material (similar to canvas). The mattress is tufted to give it a "pillowed' appearance and help the futon retain its shape. Environmentally friendly and Made in USA - Truly an Exceptional Value.

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1. Ivan on 9/24/2019, said:  

The mattress is very comfortable and it feels cushy and firm. I slept a couple of times on it and it was very pleasant. I bought it to replace a worn mattress, It feel like I have a new futon.

2. Lisa on 7/13/2019, said:  

I have ordered this Infinity futon in the past and loved it. I am glad i was able to re-order it. Thank you Futonbed for providing great customer service.

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